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WOW No CRiminal Charges for Corzine ??? really ? come on, its as if they consider billion dollar stolen like it was nothing.



August 17, 2012 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: RA.DL2 , P , E

I am greatly sadden by the fact that our govment decided to not charge criminally John Corzine.

I'm not surprised given his powerful relationships in government, but omg at how badly our laws are at protecting certain crimes while totally punishing the common person.

 1 Billion dollars was stolen from customers accounts ?  Supposedly John gave the go ahead and with a few keystrokes somehow money that was not MF Globals was distributed out ?  No we are not talking about  pennies, not talking about a few dollars, not talking about  thousands of dollars, not talking about tens of thousands or hundred of thousands  but  we  are talking  about one thousand milliion of dollars.

 One thousand million dollars.  Taken from hard working persons who set up accounts to do business.

 Imagine giving your bank your life savings,  and suddenly  you check your account it's empty and they are like ummm  we don't know what happened ???  it get confusing somehow when the dollar figures get that high ?

Fill out a claim and maybe  you'll get something ?  wtf....

 Where is the justice ?  how is it that this man still breathes air  let alone is not in some dark damp jail cell ?

How is it that his vast fortune is not forfeit ?  Oh wait  he's  best friends with government and has been involved in government and has powerful allies in government.

So now after stealing a billion dollars,   so now after flying MF Global into and off the cliff and into some mountainside,  he's going to become a hedge fund manager ???

Seriously ??? I wouldn't  trust  this mother  Ucker to run  the cash register at Mcdonalds let alone invest some fools  trust fund  or other monies.

Has this man no shame ???  does he not know he is the laughing stock of anyone in finance.

WHy have I not seen anyone write  to criticize this injustice ?

I know Caps  is near it's death bed,  but I could not let this go.....

Say your bank makes a mistake and gives you money and you spent it,  guess what you don't return that money  you go to jail.

However, when the same banks somehow steal  your money,  it's no big deal. 

John John John....  Karma  I'm told is a real B.....

 You are less than a man,  less than a boy...  you are a laughing stock fool who stole other peoples monies, bet badly,  and when the food bill came to the table,  you sneaked away  pointing the finger  and pleading ignorance.

So we are to believe that no criminal actions were performed at MF Global that somehow sloppy accounting,  that the controllers dog somehow ate  some paper work and someone spilled something onto  the hard drive and  suddenly all the money disapeared ?  we're not sure ???  sorry...

 Please Please Please if there is some kind of greater force out there,  I'm going to say a voo doo prayer  for  John  to  just spend  a  few hours  in  some    prison cell where he becomes some Man's  play toy.....



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#1) On August 17, 2012 at 7:04 PM, awallejr (56.77) wrote:

Doesn't surprise me.  I called for the guys' head here:

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