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WWDC Keynote Thoughts



June 03, 2014 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL

Board: Apple

Author: dsbrady

Overall thoughts:

A very good presentation. I don't know if there was anything truly groundbreaking (sometimes we may not realize something is groundbreaking until after it's been in the wild), but a lot of nice things revealed.

Tim isn't the best presenter, but I think he realizes that and gets out of the way for Craig (who is a very good presenter). The Epic Games guys weren't the best presenters, so it kind of sucks to follow Craig in that case.

OS X Yosemite:

1) I wonder what the adoption rate of this version will be from people in Oxnard or Rancho Cucamonga will be.

2) I really like the way Apple integrates their mobile OS with their desktop OS. Rather than trying to merge two different interaction paradigms into one that can be clunky (not that any OS company would ever do that), they integrate features where it makes sense in a way that makes sense.3) The last time they tried "translucency" in the UI, it was ... not well received. I'm assuming they've both tested this in a wide variety of backgrounds and made it a configuration that can be turned off.

4) I like that the dock "background" now covers the dock icons entirely, which will hopefully make it clear when you're hovering in the dock area, as opposed to being in your application window.

5) I assume the new "Photos" app was something they wanted to have available for the release, but couldn't get it done in time. I'll be optimistic and think that it's because they don't want to just release a half-a$$ed version this fall. (But man, part of me wishes Apple had a bit more "branding" with their apps, instead of the generic names (Photos, Calendar, Mail, etc.). Sure, it makes them easy to remember, but when talking about the apps with people, they can be a little confusing due to the vague names. It's only a matter of time before Apple renames Safari as "Browser").

6) I'm already a big fan of Spotlight, so I think I'll like the improvements to it. Last week, someone posted (I think it was here) someone saying why one of the reasons they left Apple for Windows 8 was because you could just type an app name and it would start up -- which is something Spotlight has had for years. Apple's taken Spotlight and really beefed it up.

7) The Notifications Bar looks like, with its widgets capability, may finally accomplish what Dashboard never really could (I never really used Dashboard very much, because it took you out of what you were doing).

8) I really like the idea of Continuity. It will be interesting to see how it works in the real world.

9) I guess Mail Drop is one of those "So here's why we've built up datacenters" things. It could be pretty useful, but I don't often come up with attachment limits, so I'm uncertain on that.

iOS 8:

1) The success of Health Kit is going to be mostly out of Apple's control, as it depends on developer and user adoption. But, this is something that has the potential to be huge.

2) Considering how often I'm marking mail messages as "unread", being able to swipe to do it is something I will definitely appreciate.

3) Maybe this is a feature I just haven't found in the Mail app, but I'm surprised there isn't a "Mark as Junk" feature. Pretty much every mail client has that feature at this point (I don't know about other mobile mail apps, but web and desktop ones do), yet not here. In fact, it would be nice if, as part of Continuity, the Mail apps would share junk filters, but I'd at least take non-integrate junk mail controls in iOS.

4) I don't really use group messages all that much in iOS, so I don't know how big the new features really are, but they seem pretty nice.

5) I took a Code School course on Objective C last week. I'm glad it was free, now that they're releasing a "replacement" language, Swift. :)

6) I don't understand the implications of all of the iOS developer stuff (I've done a few intro stuff for iOS development, but nothing significant), but a lot of them seemed very good and potentially awesome for developers.

7) I was expecting them to announce a bump in the free storage in iCloud, but $1/month for 20GB isn't bad. It sounded like the Windows support will be through a browser only, which may be kind of lame or it might be acceptable. I don't use Windows, so it won't bother me too much.

8) Much like Health Kit, Home Kit's success is going to depend on how third-party / user uptake, but this is one of those things where this might be better than Apple buying their own home automation company (I don't think Nest was on the slide showing companies working with Apple).

Those are my thoughts on what I remember from the keynote -- I know there were features announced I had thoughts on but have since forgotten.


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