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X Marks the Disaster



February 20, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: X

X used to mark the Spot making it simple to know where to put your investment money in.  You could always count on X marking the spot for good returns on investment to go along with hefty dividend payments.

X was like it's own Stock Market ETF.. It's own Index.  X marked the spot that foretold of good things in the Economy.  Because, without X there can be no housing sector.  Without X no financial sector.  Without X no commercial construction, no machinery tools, no LOWE's and no Home Depot.

So if you wanted to know how America's economy was doing, you just glanced at (X) to see how (X) was doing.

X marked the spot of the Great Depression.
X marked the spot for our success in World War II, defeating Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan.
X marked the strength of our Military and pulled us out of the Great Depression (cause you can't build a Tank or an Airplane without American Steel).
X marked every recession and subsequent recovery in our Nations History.

X simply marked the greatness of American ingenuity, creativity, and perseverance through hard times and good.  X marked our progress from a small colonial country to a Mega Super Power with an Economy and Military unrivaled by all.

Now X having been resurrected out of the duldrums of a $20 share price to almost $40 as if signalling a market recovery....signalling all the "HOPE" American voters had for switching to a Democrat for President... Is now getting obliterated back down to $20 after our elected professional in Chief told us he didn't have any answers to fix our economy.

Face it... .Our President can't do anything.. Federal Government can't do anything to fix America's economy.

Why?  Why is it that we have to comes face to face with the fact that so many investors pinned their hopes on America's Government rather than realizing that those hopes were completely misplaced.

By, bidding up X to $40 based on your belief things will turn-a-round "because of" the President and Congress uniting to provide us with Stimulus bailouts, Housing Bailouts, and Financial Handouts to Banks, all you did was make matters worse.  You made (X) into something that didn't mark anything anymore....You made (X) into a stock that marked a False December 2008 Rally built on pure "HOPE" and "EMOTION."

Now as we watch (X) all to $20 and less per share..... Here's to hoping that on the next recovery (X) will mark the spot of that recovery and it will be based on what AMERICAN WORKERS do.... What AMERICAN BUSINESSES do....

(X) needs to mark the spot of American ingenuity once again and for that to happen....
President Obama must not adhere to the cries of United States Steel for more Steel Tarriffs.

We need less federal meddling in the Free Market society.
We need less federal spending.
We need less talk of trillions more and more talk of conserving more of what we got.

United States Steel cry for more Tariffs is a cry for to be put out to pasture for good and once and for all.  It is a crying wolf when the wolf is us, Americans.

You see... Increasing Tariffs makes businesses that buy Steel to suffer from higher priced steel. Either having to buy more expensive U.S. Steel or even more expensive Foreign Imported Steel.
The worst Disaster President Obama could create is to treat the American People as if we are to Blame for the Economy.

Americans are not the reason we are where we are. 
And if (X) is to mark the spot of a recovery, (X) needs to treat the American Workers with the same respect they have treated (X) throughout (X)s entire history.  Cause, there would be no (X) to mark the spot of America's Greatness, if there were no Americans.

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