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You are what you drink?



February 16, 2007 – Comments (0)

Starbucks said it offered free T-shirts for a limited time designed by a Project Runway finalist: http://biz.y...03.html?.v=1

The T-shirts are customized according to people's favorite Starbucks drinks. For example, I guess considering I always get a venti latte, my shirt would say Venti Latte. Not sure I like the sound of that.

I think it's interesting on the one hand, since Starbucks allows its customers to choose from thousands of drink variations. (I don't know how baristas keep it all straight.) But part of me wondered if it was a jump-the-shark moment (as a shareholder maybe I'm paranoid about the idea). Maybe not, considering these were in limited supply.

Starbucks has never done traditional advertising so it's interesting that it would turn to its customers to advertise its wares in this way. I can't help but wonder if customers would readily embrace this. Starbucks' logo has been increasingly showing up on its merchandise, and since it's an aspirational brand that makes sense. To what extent Starbucks loyalists are willing to become walking billboards for the company is an interesting question to ponder, though.

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