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You Can't Save Everyone



August 21, 2008 – Comments (0)

Remember the insane and amazingly illiterate stock promotion that was Conversion Solutions?

I have a Google news alert on Rufus Paul Harris to inform me in case he scuttles out from under his rock for another stock promotion, and today it gave me a link to this great blast from the past.

It shows that there will always be willing suckers in the market, no matter how ridiculous the claims, and no matter how obvious the scam is.

Rufus Paul Harris; a pioneer consisting of the character of a championed man-at-arms has rallied his troops. He has written his own constitution for what a perfect plan looks like. Some may call it “The Perfect Storm.” I call it The Matchless Disposition, The Stainless Steal, The Most Foolproof Idea Of The Century. The bullets from the enemy have made their way to our side of the battlefield but have done no damage. With backpacks full of CSHD shares and sell orders sharper then $100, we march forward into the wind that comes from the opponent. There is no hesitation in our steps, nor is there any decrease in our speed. There have been times where we have been shaken by the thunderous blasts of the bashers. BUT we did not move. We shook it off and kept on. The enemy is running out of ammo; their missiles are depleted. Rufus Harris and Co. leads the way holding the BRILLIANT BLUE flag of CSHD. It is the flag that will soon be set into the ground. We march behind them. Not only will we be victorious as Tut says, but we will only grow stronger as a company and investors as our feet enter the streets of Nasdaq. It will be just another step towards the goals of the very smart businessman from Georgia. SO MY FELLOW TROOPS!!!! KEEP ON MARCHIN’!!!! Listen to the sound of victory as it approaches. Look behind you for a moment and take a picture of the progress we have made. IT IS AN ACHIEVEMENT. Thank Mr. Harris, Mr. Stanley, Mr. Horton, Mr. Walsh, for their hard work. Thank Tut for the fuel that he provided to our fleet. Thank the operators at CSHD for taking ALL of our calls. Thank each other for DD and answered questions. Thank the MODS for putting up with the aggressiveness of frustrated people. MOST IMPORTANTLY, ALWAYS THANK GOD. I know we are not there yet, but ask Mr. Harris: WE ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. And with this, I SAY ONE MORE THING….. TO THE LOOOOOOOONGGGSSSS!!!!!!

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