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You thought I wasn't going to comment on MTXX this week?



January 08, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MTXX.DL

Welp.. You thought wrong!  (MTXX)......  Of course I'm going to talk about MTXX today.

No news....and yet the January effect has now boosted the stock to $4.67.  Afterhours market shows BID / ASK   $4.70 / $4.78.  Interesting.... but without fundamental positive news to support this rally.. it could be short lived.

What I do not see is:

A)  Insider buying.......  Instead we have some dude insider that sold about 1/3rd of his stake of ZICAM err I mean MTXX back in November.....  Hmm... Could it be.....CHRISTMAS SHOPPING?
Probably needed to fund his purchase of "Rock Band 2" or something...

Too bad he sold it for $4.00 a share when he now could have sold it for $4.68 (intraday high price).

Imagine how much more CASH the insider would have had had he not sold his shares at $4.00 a pop.

Granted... Earnings Report is coming up and you know I am not going to tell you that I am pessimistic on the ZICAM sales......CAUSE I'VE BEEN SAYING THE OPPOSITE for how long now?????

Of course I think Q4 was a great  quarter for MTXX.....  
I'm just kicking myself that I didn't buy more shares of MTXX.... *sigh*

My stake?  about 1975 <---      Which I guess means I gained over half a thousand dollars in today's share price action alone off of MTXX.   Not bad for a full days work right?? oops... I didn't actually WORK... all I did is sit on my butt and watch the share price do its thing.

*sigh*  the hard life of being a shareholder... you put in all these hours of doing NOTHING while the Zicam Company has to bust their butts doing everything....uhm.. and the shareholders get all the money?

The hard...... and us Shareholders Profit?       Interesting trade-off...

Of course I jest.... The reality is I stock up on ZICAM and I have upgraded my purchases of ZICAM to 2 Boxes of ZICAM at home and 2 Boxes of ZICAM at work.

Employees work hard.... shareholders profit....shareholders buy more PRODUCT from the earns more cash....and hopefully company gives employees better pay!

And I will upgrade my purchase behavior to include ULTRA XCID... that is if I can find it anywhere
:-(  *Sigh*

I don't want to order my drugs OTC  online... I want to walk into Walgreens and buy some Ultra Xcid...  if I don't find it... I ain't buying it.... So here's a tip.... Get Walgreens to stock some.

If not... then I guess I'll have to buy a crap load of ULTRA XCID online and store all of the extra bottles of the stuff in the basement.

P.S.  I take Prilosec and it works just fine... that is until I eat a greasy hamburger and fries and then I am like.. Where's my ULTRA XCID???? Oh that's right.... I went to Walmart AND Meijers and they didn't have it!!  :-(

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