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You Want My Consumer Dollars, Be Reasonable



June 14, 2008 – Comments (0)

"Randy" has an update to Las Vegas' economic situation

I was in Las Vegas last year about this time and there was little about the place for it to go onto my repeat vacation category.  We went to a revolving restaurant that charged $8 for a potato ($9.60 Canadian at the time).  If business wants to gouge people that much when they try to do something a little special, well, there is little draw to repeat the experience.

Las Vegas has no consideration for non-smoking clients.  You can't go in or out to get to any of the attraction without having to walk through the smoky casinos, by design.  Deliberately poisoning me and backing me into a corner without safe and healthy choices is a sure way to lose my business.  Not only that, you can reserve a non-smoking room, but then they add in the fine print that you will only have one if they are available, and you can arrive by 6 pm and all the non-smoking rooms are taken and meanwhile they've taken your non-refundable deposit.

What can I say, I hated Las Vegas for the polluted over price dump with little value and consideration for those who stimulate its economy.

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