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Your Tax Dollars Do NOT Pay Government Workers!!!



February 19, 2011 – Comments (0)

Deficits Do.....

When Federal, State, and Local Governments are running a collective deficit approaching $2 Trillion dollars.....only an idiot would think his or her taxes pay the salaries of government workers.

The total wages of all Federal Employees is less than $400 billion dollars....the Federal Deficit alone is approaching 4X that much.

And if DEFICITS pay bankers' bonuses through bailouts as well........and food stamp recipients.....just no where near as much.......

So any Fool that thinks your tax dollars are paying government are not thinking and better start paying a lot more taxes to make a difference.

So if you are not getting your share of the DEFICITS like the bankers and federal better start protesting to get your fair share!!!!!

It's time for a BIG PARTY....and we'll call it.......Where Is My Share Of The DEFICIT?

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