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Zombulation is a Global Issue



August 24, 2011 – Comments (0)

As humanity advances from Biological Intelligence/Functioning to Technological Intelligence/Functioning....many of the jobs humans currently do will evaporate.

The problem is our current economic system is dependent on jobs to function.  Jobs qualify people to buy homes, allow people to consume, and are the primary driver of taxes for government to operate.

In addition, jobs are the key foundation for investment asset jobs are where cash flow originates in an Industrial Economic System.

We are now seeing even Chinese manufacturing jobs being replaced by robots.....banking jobs replaced by online banking......postal jobs replaced by eMail.......retail jobs replaced by online shopping.......and we could go on and on.....

yet no one is addressing Zombulation yet, THE IMPACT ON HUMANS OF OUTSOURCING JOBS TO politicians, no economists, no "experts" many of their jobs will ALSO be able to be replaced by technology as well through AI expert systems.

Look around is occuring everywhere.......and right now, a $1.6 trillion dollar deficit is keeping our industrial economy on life is the equivelent of handing paying $25K per year to about 70,000,000 families.

At some point...we will be forced to change our system....The Institute of Alstrynomics forecasts the driver will be Natural Disaster, War, or Economic Collapse....possibly all three depending on geography.

It is not the end of the world.....simply the end of a world as we knew it......and the beginning of a Digital Age.

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