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From iPods to iPhones to MacBooks, Apple uses its “think different” approach to reframe computing, communication, and more.


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Apple: The Enterprise story

What hasn't been talked about is how electronics is being supported for consumers. I recognize the popularity, the excitement, and the news about all that is Apple. It is easy to say Apple products are easy to use, has a nice look and feel, and are currently, the must have item. All of this does help propel Apple to success. However, a key piece is that Apple has become a major player for businesses. This hasn't gone unnoticed, but I do think downplayed in that when a business allows it to become a defacto standard, they are paying for the monthly phone bills and initial cost. This allows individuals to own an iPhone without ponying up a cent for it. It's a likely reason why all the 16 GB models are sold out continually. After all, free is awesome and it allows Apple to keep it's super sized margins. I think this is what is driving Apple now. Consumer choice has entered the business realm. That puts lots of pressure on Microsoft as well as the halo effect of laptops is pushing Apple into corporations via the iPhone. It's still limited, but it would be a sight to see Apple become the primary standard into corporations for laptops. I'm not sure if it will ever happen but surely another reason for Apple stockholders. The last piece that has continued Apple's success is that it gets so much free advertising, even from it's competitors, that Apple only has to generate new products as launches really are performed for free by the media out there. When is the last time so many story lines, talk, etc. been pursued by the media? The media treat Apple like Princess Diana. Only Apple doesn't really mind being chased and hounded. Yes. Backlash from popularity is possible, but I'm still going with the take that there is no bad thing from free press. I liked how Steve didn't pander to the crowds and said tough, this is what the product is. Take it or leave it. I can only hope Tim continues this philosophy. While Tim has apologized for Apple's challenges, the novelty of this in itself is generating more news coverage than it is worth. Whether that is the strategy or not, time will only tell. I would still say, never apologize for being a leader in a space. In any case, I still have a strong hold for the next 9 months. I think everyone should be in it until mid-2013. It's just an easy place to park money and at least know it will generate far greater returns than average.

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