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Everyone thought the exact same things about Microsoft in the early 2000's as they do about Apple today. Current P/E trends cannot continue forever. It's easy to hop on the Apple bandwagon and say that it's going to be an easy outperform. Apple's products must continue to change as fast as the current fads do. Apple products offer nothing more than other brands and in many cases offer less. However because of brand loyalty, this company continues to do well. We'll see if what happened to RIMM happens to AAPL.

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And what, pray tell, did happen to RIM? They aren't in the limelight like Apple is, but they seem to be doing quite well by my measurements.

Member Avatar TradeDragonfly (68.49) Submitted: 5/21/2011 4:15:00 PM
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To keep it fair, this is what happened to RIMM:

If you think they're doing well, I'd like to see how your stock has performed vs S&P 500.

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