Aetna, Inc. (NYSE:AET)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

The Company offers a range of traditional and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services, including medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life, long-term care and disability plans and medical management capabilities.


Player Avatar venaca (73.67) Submitted: 2/21/2008 3:02:16 PM : Underperform Start Price: $48.09 AET Score: -28.92

Aetna, I'm glad I left ya!!!
This business prides itself on refusing payments to hospitals and physicians. Many lawsuits it has "lost" but won by delay, delay , delay... They have one of the worst track records for ontime payment of medical services rendered. I would not send your mother-in-law's pit bull to them. They are always behind the current medical diagnostics, lab and treatment. If you have this insurance, don't get sick. Yes I am in medicine.
I believe that a wellspring of dissatisfaction from patients, hospital and physicians will doom Aetna in the long term.

I now feel better

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Member Avatar snowfreeze (38.12) Submitted: 11/5/2008 9:22:42 PM
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That was pointless. Does drug dealing qualify you as being "in medicine". I give up.

Member Avatar chris293 (86.64) Submitted: 11/15/2012 2:51:28 AM
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This is great, no hard numbers, a lot of opinion sounds like political pandering to put down a sound medical company that helps honest people with true medical problems the best it can. Then we seem to have some people who think the government is a big sugar daddy, or I might be wrong, ha. Billions of dollars in medical fraud with even some doctors going to jail have been reported by the newspapers in the last couple of years in a numer of states. Check that out.

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