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Allergan has too much liability with Botox. The recent deaths that are supposedly connected to injections will cause more problems for Allergan. The use of Botox will continue to grow for the next year, but legal issues will drain investor confidence and pave the way for class action lawsuits.
Also...many states are now beginning to enact legislation limiting the use of Botox in medical practices more day spas. Legislation will also limit injections to be performed only by a doctor, killing the current practice of nurses injecting.

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Member Avatar jbparis1 (61.40) Submitted: 3/20/2008 1:19:01 PM
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3/19 - Hold recommended for Allgergan"Allergan shares have been under pressure lately due to safety concerns surrounding the use of botox. Botox-related issues are likely to keep the shares in check in the near-term."

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look! Botox is just one fix that lawyers thrive on lawyers are thiefs that try to sue company's that make big money Allergan has more going for it than Botox and has been improving pipeline drugs for all around medical use. the pipeline is the future and stock price is based on futures the people adminersting botox get sued for inproperly administering it

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