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I work for a large privately held competitor of AMN. I work on one of the quickest growing teams in the Locum (Physician) staffing department. I can tell you, this company has problems. Staffcare, their flagship brand is ripe with issues. Of all our competitors, they are by far the most nearsighted, and prone to some serious ethical problems. I wouldn't touch this stock with a 10 foot pole. My company, as well as others continue to erode their market share. I can tell you that they are growing at half the pace we currently are, and I think my company is barely keeping up with the industry average.Short this stock. You can't build long term value on unethical/marginal practices.

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Member Avatar sl7vk (< 20) Submitted: 2/28/2008 9:11:39 PM
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Earnings report this week indicates that my company (CHG comapnies) surpassed Staffcare physician staffing (AHS's Physician staffing entity) for the first time since AHS has made the numbers public.....Sinking ship is what we have here. I was a bit stunned to see the stock bounce after the earnings report?!?!?

Member Avatar MarkGillCPA (82.83) Submitted: 11/3/2010 12:59:21 PM
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Excellent short call sl7vk. Any updates?

Member Avatar sl7vk (< 20) Submitted: 3/6/2011 7:25:09 PM
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StaffCare continues to be shambles IMHO... I would still stay far away... even at these depressed prices. More and more of our Clients are picking up again, but I'm consistently hearing more and more say they won't work with StaffCare again.
StaffCare burns the furniture to stay warm, and their margins are pitiful while they do it.

If one has to be in this segment publicly, I'd look at Vista/OnAssignment far ahead of this dog....

Member Avatar sl7vk (< 20) Submitted: 3/10/2011 12:14:24 PM
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And yet another missed earnings call for AHS....

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