ARM Holdings plc (ADR) (NASDAQ:ARMH)

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The Company designs reduced instruction set computing microprocessors and related technology and software and sells development tools to enhance the performance, cost-effectiveness and power-efficiency of high-volume embedded applications.


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Betting against ARM doesn't make much sense if you've actually done some research on this amazing company.These chips are found in everything from cars to medical devices to mobile phones, and they are even moving into the server market as well, where Intel was previously thought to be untouchable. Cisco projects 1 trillion internet-connected devices by 2025 (compared to 12.5 billion in 2010).Just think about that for a second. And then think about how many of these devices will be using ARM processors.Let's take a look at the licenses: With today's report, they have now over 800 processor licenses, up by 68 in H1 '11, which is more than what they gained in all of 2008. Demand for their designs is incredible. In fact, 100% of the top companies creating smartphones, modems and hard drives use ARM designs. But there is still much room for expansion (automotive, medical, laptop/netbook, server, digital TV and smart cards, to name a few).The future couldn't be brighter. Do your research and you'll see why.

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Would maybe be true if technology was a static thing, but right now big changes are happening. Intel's Merrifield beats ARM CPU's in every respect and ARM will be pushed out of the mobile market, Intel's intelligent systems framework will push ARM out of televisions and cars. ARM lost their lead in power efficiency and have no chance against Intel's enormous R&D budget and Intel's combined technologies. Intel also got an architectural lead with their 22 nm and Finfet technology. Intel's brand is also much stronger than ARm's. By the way, ARM's P/E is around 80 and the price/book around 10, they don't have expansion potential enough for such an insane overpricing.

All the odds are against ARM.

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