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Olkiluoto 3 nuclear plant in Finland is experiencing cost over-runs, doubling the estimate. Start-up is now delayed from 2009 to 2011. 1000 safety violations which are not specified by the company will be a public relations problem. Some of the problems include cement quality, structural steel quality, but most are not specifically named. They are also under investigation from the EU for illegal financing of the project. This will not impress the Chinese gov't where they are beginning to develop relationships.

Member Avatar devoish (96.28) Submitted: 6/10/2008 8:09:15 PM
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I had to close this red thumb. There is to much Gov't support for nuclear (outside the USA). As long as politicians can pretend nuclear is safe and are willing to insure nuke plants, Areva will do well. No plants have been built in the USA for thirty years because of environmental reasons, and the inability to insure them. This despite the fact that the USA currently insures damages totaling in excess of 10bil. and they collectively self fund (as inadequately as a pension fund) risk below that amount.

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