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Atrion Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and distributes products and components for the medical and healthcare industry. Now don't get confused by their business description. They are not a pharmaceutical company, but they make medical equipment.
   On that note it is not the high tech, cutting edge equipment that is going to have a robot replace someone’s heart. Atrion make things like the line that connects the IV bag to a person’s arm, and catheters for patient use. So if you think about it, this company seems sort of boring, but that is what is great about it as well. There is only one way to get a person hydrated when they are unable to drink and that is through an IV, and the only way to get the IV fluid into a person is through Atrion's tube. It’s genius.
   Now that we talked about what exactly they do, let me explain what makes this company really fantastic for the investor. $0 LONG TERM DEBT. No joke, this company really has $0 long term debt, if you don't believe me look at it for yourself. Look at their assets $115,353,000 vs. their liabilities as well $14,511,000, it’s a sweet deal. Seriously though people this company is great for actual investing. On it’s not great due to the low volume traded, but if you are not trading and actually trying to invest this is the company for you.

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