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The Coompany is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a line of passive electronic components and related products.


Player Avatar TheGarcipian (32.94) Submitted: 6/9/2010 10:49:13 PM : Outperform Start Price: $12.07 AVX Score: -71.42

Brought to my attention by Charles B. Carlson's "DRIP Investor" newsletter, this company manufactures and supplies electronic components used in devices to store, filter and regulate electrical energy. Looking at their financial numbers, the Forward & Trailing P/Es are 11.54 and 15.8, respectively (good numbers by me). The PEG ratio is a very nice 1.02 currently, while their EV/EBITDA value is well under 10 at 6.98. The profit & operating margins are 11% & 13%, resp., the RoA=5.4%, and RoE=8.23%. The last Quarterly Revenue growth hit 35.2%, and they are sitting on a wad of cash (almost $700M, one-third of their market cap). For volatility freaks, this one rides below the radar with a Beta value of 0.81, and over 70% of the company is owned by insiders (according to Yahoo! Finance). Even better, the company has ZERO debt. I like these numbers very much. And to put some icing on this cake, the SlowStochastics show this stock to be very much oversold and ready for a bounce-back (there! I've just damned myself to a falling pick now!). This is not going to be a barn-burner of a stock, but I'm hoping to beat the S&P500 with this one.
[Source: Yahoo! Finance]

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