Accelr8 Technology Corp (NYSEMKT:AXK)

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The Company intends to customize its technologies to the specific requirements of large licensees as well as develop new rapid pathogen detection assays.


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This one's going to hurt. I had graphed that it might hit $6+ this week and almost upthumbed it for the ride. The seven day rule makes that a tough play. It looked like it was bending over this morning and I feel for it. Again, I knew better. Now it's taking the pop I expedcted this afternoon.....gotta watch those lulls that bate you in!!!

I have no long term expectation this one will stay up, but after several major breaks and sharp decays, the base may build and the holders may hold. It's a 5 bagger so far sine January. Fundamentally it is developing tests to speed analysis and catorgizing infections. It hopes to be able to do in 48 hours what can take two weeks. All in all, good stuff, but test tools don't fair well with the FDA and the sample size and testing is way to small.

Accelr8 Will need to raise large sums of money and these spikes will help them do that. The thought of a partner or buyout is WAY to optimistic this early on. I expect to get my points back, but it would be better to ride a peak rather than a trough that will take longer to make points for me.

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Closed this version, but reloaded today, 7/26 on the same theory. It tried making what I expect is another failed breakout. IT's too early for breakouts and it sniffs of getting on the good side of a possible offering.

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