The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA)

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With a focus on giant things that fly, Boeing is a leading maker of large commercial jets and a top defense contractor.


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Just wanted to add a comment about the latest 787 woes.

This has been the plan for manufacturing this plane all along. The design was hurried through the process as much as it could in hopes of fixing flaws while the plane was in service. You don't make money with planes on the ground. There were several design issues due to things being rushed which is why the 787 was delayed nearly 2 years. Now the plane is having some teething issues. This is not the first issue and it won't be the last. The engineers will fix this problem and the plane will be flying again by the end of the month.

Besides, who else is going to steal their thunder, Airbus? haha They are still buried under the A380 which is also still having teething issues.

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