Bombardier Inc. (NASDAQOTH:BDRBF)

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Bombardier is the world’s largest rail vehicle maker and the 3rd largest civilian aircraft maker. Within that civilian aircraft space, Bombardier is the world’s largest regional and business jet manufacturer. As such, Bombardier is poised to capitalize on two long-term secular bull market trains for jets, planes, train and subways.

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It is very upsetting that Fool Canada will not allow Comments on its posts.

This lets the seemingly one fellow!!! who writes Bombardier posts there to continue his neverending campaign of hatchet job stories about the company and the stock.

He never varies in his hatred for Bombardier, no matter the season, no matter the circumstances.

On the bright side, this has now gotten so silly that I doubt he is having any residual effect.

But really has to allow other people to comment on Fool Canada threads. TIA.

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