Brown-Forman Corp (NYSE:BF-A)

CAPS Rating: 5 out of 5

The Company manufactures, bottles, imports, exports, and markets a variety of alcoholic beverage brands. The Company also manufactures and markets new and used oak barrels.


Player Avatar TMF1000 (99.71) Submitted: 7/17/2012 12:03:47 PM : Outperform Start Price: $60.36 BF-A Score: -8.45

Entered it on caps at $93.79. It is a Louisville based company. And it has done really well. They will hold up well during any recession. I am becoming more defensive on caps and within my portfolio. I still speculate, but I balance that with strong dividend paying companies. Mostly I am using a cash cushion to become defensive. I know that many people don't like using a cash cushion preferring to be fully invested. But I think this is a mistake. I don't mind a drag on returns from cash if I can use it for more home run positions. I like having powder for bargain hunting.

There is a lot of fear in the markets now and that may carry over until the holidays when enthusiam may boost the markets for a while. They have some great brands. I also like Diageo and Beam. I am going more defensive for a while.

The Dow is moving in a ridiculously narrow range. Strong stocks remain strong, so no volatility to exploit. I always felt that wasn't a good thing, so I will take a defensive stance. Presently it is more in the form of keeping my cash cushion high.

Member Avatar TMF1000 (99.71) Submitted: 8/14/2012 10:54:08 AM
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3 for 2 split giving it an original caps price of 62.53 August 13, 2012

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