Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE:BKS)

CAPS Rating: 1 out of 5

The Company's principal business is the sale of trade books, mass market paperbacks, children's books, bargain books, magazines, music and movies direct to customers.


Player Avatar Griffin416 (99.98) Submitted: 10/28/2010 11:09:02 AM : Underperform Start Price: $14.98 BKS Score: +8.12

Brick and mortar business will get crushed by the internet. They can not convert their business model fast enough to go with the changing times.
Their dividend is unsustainable, they have negative EPS already, how can they pay out $1 per share?
The chart has been in a downtrend for a while (lower highs, lower lows) while the S&P is flat to going up depending on how you look at it, BKS has been under performing and will continue to do so. In the future (a few years) a possible bankruptcy candidate.

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