BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. (NASDAQ:BMRN)

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The Company develops and commercializes innovative biopharmaceuticals for serious diseases and medical conditions.


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The global target market for Morquio syndrome patients with ability to pay for treatment is around 2500 patients. ThinkEquity analyst Kimberly Lee estimates the market potential of GALNS at 575 million annually. This would be $230,000 annually per patient... It goes without saying that Kimberly's math skills are at a preschool level.

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Member Avatar GundersonGroup (29.08) Submitted: 11/7/2012 5:32:34 PM
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I see what they are doing here. Bill Black would be aghast that the same formula for fraud found in the mortgage sector is also found in the biotech sector.

The leverage employed in this situation is to sell your product to a non-target patient population that is ' misdiagnosed' by medical practitioners. Soaring national insurance premiums be damned when the risk tables don't match the payouts.

Who says you can't sell McMansions to burger flipping high school dropouts at Wendy's...

Member Avatar sniggity (84.09) Submitted: 1/1/2013 12:08:36 PM
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Have you heard of Alexion (ALXN) and their $400,000 annual charge to each patient with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria? How is this possible? Look up FDA orphan drug status.

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