BSD Medical Corp (NASDAQ:BSDM)

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The Company develops, manufactures, markets and services medical systems that deliver precision-focused radio frequency or microwave energy into diseased sites of the body, heating them to specified temperatures as required by medical therapies.


Player Avatar vcbthornton (81.35) Submitted: 5/10/2007 12:08:29 PM : Underperform Start Price: $7.01 BSDM Score: +141.35

I checked, and I can't fault Fool Rich Duprey's April 25 article on BSM. No profits for 10 years, a cancer treatment of questionable value, the bulk of sales to a member of the board of directors. The SEC 10-Q is singularly uninformative. A lot of people seem to like BSM, but I can't see why.

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Member Avatar westcor1 (< 20) Submitted: 10/20/2010 12:35:05 PM
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The 'inside' sales through Dr. Sennewald's German medical company once represented about half of BSDM's sales, these were clearly disclosed and represent very old news in an expanding technology and market which BSDM has pioneered. None of the recent sales have been to related entities. The company sold it's earliest approved ablation device for around 20 million dollars (profit) in order to provide funding for the development of it's advanced equipment that we see today. The device they sold is a leading ablation treatment for prostate cancer treatment. Much time, energy and capital has been utilized in order to create the advanced medical devices, studies and approvals that now exist for the companies medical devices. The treatments utilizing BSDM equipment have remarkable test results that work with chemo to reduce and eliminate tumor growth. Often the results double the survival rates and the potential to reduce chemo and it's side effects when used in conjunction with hyperthermia remains a future positive likelyhood. This company is under solid leadership, they have zero debt, own their factory and have ample cash on hand to fund continuing operations. The recent MX180 approval and the applicator patent for same device will generate sigificant and continuing high margin revenue. Likely high enough to provide $2.00/share in earnings by Q3, 2011. I expect a modest but positive earnings report in two weeks. This train is starting to leave the station.

Member Avatar sotitsot (< 20) Submitted: 3/4/2011 4:16:20 PM
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Having just lost a family member to cancer in november, and having spent months on the internet looking for cancer treatments that might have been more effective than what he was receiving, I discovered a german cancer treatment that was having magnificent results, it was called hyperthermia. The problem was it wasn't available here in the US. Imagine my horror to find out, just today, that the machines the Germans are using with so much success on multiple cancers is manufactured right here in the good ole USA. Americans just dont have access to it. It is for export only. Our government won't allow the treatment here despite years of success in Germany. BSD medical makes that machine. I will be piling my money into the company that holds the keys to extended life for thousands of Americans if only our government will allow it.

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