BioTime, Inc. (NYSEMKT:BTX)

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Biotime has Dr Michael West as its CEO
Biotime primary growth machine is going to be Stem cell related products and assays.

Stem cell industry has the following major issues.

1. Purity.
2. Scalability
3. Histocompatibility

Histocompatibility is basically the rejection issues that are faced when there is an organ transplant. Even at the stem cell level the body can identify foreign bodies(stem cells) and will try and destroy them. iPS (induced Pluripotent Stem cell) is the technology which overcomes this problem.

The patients skin cells have stem cells (that is why the skin can regenerate) BTIM has a process in place to convert skin stem cells into the generic "like" embryonic stem cell process and this process is vector (virus) free process and called iPS

2. Scalability issues has been dealt with ACTCellerate growth process of growing stem cells in a growth medium

3. Purity issues have been resolved by using shot gun cloning. ie the required stem cell is selected from the more than 140 different types of stem cells and the selected stem cell is then grown and since it is selected/purified before growth/cloning the cells are 100% of the required type.

Company is one step ahead of the industry and hence delay in recognition.. get in now and this is a long term play on the future of medicine (your own body can provide the medicine -skin graft which can cure all your ills.)


=happy investing

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Thankyou for this very interesting post. Getting some press .. so you're right .. better get in now.

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