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BioTime is going nowhere fast, but the street apparently isn't seeing it as the stock is up more than 30% from recent lows over the last month despite an absence of catalysts. The company's only 2013 achievement is the purchase of Geron's cast-off stem cell platform, which serves only as another distraction from the company's dismal revenues, pathetically low cash reserves, and ominously large quarterly burn. Prior distraction Renevia can't seem to generate enough interest in Europe to set them on a path to a CE Mark. That's kind of like being refused the smiley face on your first grade animal picture quiz. And recent distraction PanC-Dx didn't even merit a mention in the most recent PR. Can a lowly retail investor get shares to short with a current short percentage already at 18%. Next week we may find out.

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That purchase is not completed. GERN says by end of September.
The CE mark in and of itself is only a milestone to the Euro equivalent on an IND
for BTX's patented recipe (one of several in the market) for hyaluronic acid gelatin
as "scaffold" material.
BTX holds itself out as a "picks & shovels" supplier to biomedical prospectors.
As such, it should par at a multiple of actual sales.
Using the laughably generous metric I use for "story stocks"
par is around 1 7/16-- a clear double from where I put it 3 years ago.
Laws of a baltbear: Trust management to the extend your net basis is lower than theirs.
In the case of BTX, that's 5/8 or less.

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