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Skype to IPO this fall according to news sources and it market cap will be in the Billions. While CALL mkt cap is only $440M, seems like a major Discount for a better product like Magic Jack.VocalTec's advantages over its competitors, including Skype, include:1. A softphone, sharing a user's favorite numbers, available across many platforms: * A computer * A computer with a magicJack connected enabling the use of a regular telephone (corded or portable) with the ability to be the second line in a house or the primary number * A computer with a femtocell-enabled magicJack allowing calls from a user's cell phone to go through a home computer and achieving superior call quality in your house while saving valuable cellular plan minutes (to be available later this year) * Via mobile applications on iPhone® and iPad™ mobile digital devices and mobile devices running the Android™ and Blackberry® mobile technology platforms (beta versions today, formal release in Q4 of 2010)2. Free phone numbers given out to all our customers and easily dialed from any telephone3. Free telephone services for magicJack to magicJack calls4. Free telephone calls from our softphone users to anybody in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands5. Underlying network carrying these calls is a dedicated telephone network with over 130 very powerful servers, session border controllers and application servers. This network has proven to have 99.99% uptime in the last year6. Free voicemail, directory assistance, and local and long distance calling in the U.S. and Canada7. User contacts stored on our network so where ever they might use the softphone, the contact list will be downloaded to the app8. We believe we have the best VOIP call quality using in the U.S.9. magicJack received the 2009 Most Innovative Product of the Year award from RadioShack®10. The ease of use of the magicJack and softphones particularly when travelingIdo Gur, who will remain in charge of VocalTec's Israeli operations, states, "I am excited about the potential to become the worldwide, leading provider of VoIP and softphone applications using SIP. I strongly believe that the synergies enabled by this business combination will allow us to achieve this target. I trust in the leadership and of Dan Borislow to make this a reality."Following the merger, a total of 11,736,189 shares are outstanding.

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skype is a piece of crap

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