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I think it should go up from it's current price of zero :)All kidding aside - Late Monday, the exchange said it sold 11.7 million shares at $29 each, raising $339 million. The sale was at the high end of a projected range of $27 to $29.Ok we all know that the IPO market sucks right now, but if I may refer to CME's initial offering of $35 in December 2002. The stock rose 23 percent on the first day of trading and it's current price of $307 is a gain of nearly 800% over the stocks life.Some Chicago traders believe the IPO is a setup for a takeover of the CBOE. "The more transparent reporting and market established price for CBOE could be what other exchanges have been waiting for," said Morningstar Inc. analyst Michael Wong.Wong said the exchange is "a valuable asset that should generate returns" although it's revenue growth has leveled off and it faces acute competition in pricing. The CBOE collects more than 70 percent of its revenue in per-contract trading fees.Contributing- David Roeder of the Chicago Sun times, and Associated PressOk, since I want to make this pitch four hundred words I'll have to freeball it from here :)It's the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Been around since 1973, invented the volatility index VIX, if you want frozen orange juice concentrates this is the place you go (not literally you may want to check the stores for the physical product :) I actually don't believe that there will be a takeover, but if one does occur your up.This is one of the last exchanges that extensively uses floor trading, so there is at least a percentage of human element to it and not as susceptible to flash trading, or the proverbial fat finger.So in my mind I would be buying the Chicago Board Options Exchange. As with all initial purchase offers it's usually a good idea to wait for the excitement to die down so you can get fair market value.The CBOE used to run on the ownership of “seats” which were bought for a Kings ransom. 930 seats in total, which was converted to 80,000 shares of class A stock.“Former CBOT members who sued for a share of the CBOE because they had rights to trade on the options market will divide 16.3 million shares of class B stock”Sweet 405 words

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Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.68) Submitted: 7/13/2010 7:12:00 PM
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"As with all initial purchase offers it's usually a good idea to wait for the excitement to die down so you can get fair market value."


Member Avatar dinze90 (82.26) Submitted: 8/20/2010 2:57:18 PM
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This is why people lose money in the stock market.

Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.68) Submitted: 8/20/2010 7:30:41 PM
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dinze. care to elaborate. keep in mind that I bought CBOE as a long term holding so the fact that it's down does not bother me. And i'm getting a small dividend while I wait.

Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.68) Submitted: 1/1/2011 9:40:03 PM
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I'm gonna go out on a limb, and say a short sqeeze is coming up. So this would be a good entry point for a long or short term trade 1-01-11

Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.68) Submitted: 2/10/2011 6:33:04 PM
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I've been of the opinion that there will not be a takeover, but If one of the other merges fails. Then it's a definate possibility.

Member Avatar blesto (31.11) Submitted: 12/18/2011 6:27:13 AM
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With all the interest with option trading here at the Fool and the other investing type sites I peruse through, it can only bode well for CBOE's business. I would expect the stock to have a good run in 2012.

Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.68) Submitted: 12/30/2011 11:28:01 PM
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One would think, also Illinois is in the process of giving them a tax break to keep them in State. Doing the same thing for Sears and I wanted to scream cut bait no one shops at Sears.

Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.68) Submitted: 8/9/2012 10:51:08 PM
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Full Disclosure- ended up selling all but one share for a profit.

Moved on to greener pastures.

Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.68) Submitted: 5/23/2013 7:46:11 PM
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Of course it goes up after I prematurely sold...DOH!!!!

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