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Ahhh, Clifton how do I love thee. I am a big fan of Osisko (turned on to them by albertarocks) but also one of my big faves AZK is a miner in the Abitibi region.

Monday, September 13, 2010
Osisko Mining Corporation and Clifton Star Resources Inc announced results from thirty-seven additional holes from the 2010 drill program at the Duparquet Project, located in the Abitibi region of Quebec, Canada. Significant results include hole BD10-228 intersecting 42.0 m grading 3.78 g/t gold from 27.0 m.

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Member Avatar blesto (31.03) Submitted: 11/19/2010 1:05:35 PM
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Cool! Nice to see you with the Fool's cap!
Sorry to be off topic here, but I saw this comment on the message boards, and thought...Hmmm...
...binve might have something to say about it....

...<<"The McClellan Summation Index for the OTC and the NYSE both are rolling over to the downside, which says it is a time for caution. Also the Elliot Waves or at least the way I read them is saying it is time to short the market. What does the community think? ">>

Member Avatar blesto (31.03) Submitted: 11/19/2010 1:07:58 PM
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Oooo! Maybe you'll create a new blog post?!
With some cool charts?!

Member Avatar binve (< 20) Submitted: 11/21/2010 5:23:51 PM
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Hey blesto! Yeah, the NYSI definitely is rolling over, and that has very often accompanied downturns. The only thing to be aware of is that we are entering silly season and the market can stay afloat for very long periods of time during Nov/Dec (like last year). Lots of craziness this time of the year :)

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