Clearwire Corp (NASDAQ:CLWR.DL)

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The Company builds and operates next generation wireless broadband networks that enable fast, simple, portable, reliable and affordable Internet communications.


Player Avatar OklaBoston (68.62) Submitted: 12/17/2012 10:55:57 AM : Outperform Start Price: $2.88 CLWR.DL Score: +4.17

This former pick of mine probably should never have fallen into the single digit trading range. Almost 9 months since the last insider sale. I'd like to see some insider buying but the lack of sales indicate that their not worried about the uncomfortably high D/E ratio. Quick Ratio of 2.66 is also comforting.

Member Avatar Teacherman1 (61.41) Submitted: 12/17/2012 1:19:06 PM
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Not sure why you green thumbed this one.

Sprint has already said they are buying 100% at this same price, so don't see how you expect them to go up.

Sprint already owns a majority position, so the stock holders will approve the buyout.

The only thing that could cause this to go any higher would be some sort of lawsuit, but don't see that coming.

JMO and worth exactly what I am charging for it.

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