Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CNK)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

The Company and its subsidiaries operate in the motion picture exhibition industry in the U.S. and Latin America.


Player Avatar AlphaCenturion (61.36) Submitted: 9/15/2010 10:13:41 AM : Outperform Start Price: $13.20 CNK Score: +92.36

I honestly don't think this is the worst sector to be in right now. Attendance is down but theaters have actually been able to increase profits simply by raising prices. People will always be going to the movies even during bad times and exhibitors can continue to justify charging high premiums as digital cinema and IMAX become the norm. In an economy moving sideways I consider this a pretty good bet. Plus you get that amazing yield with a not-so-amazing payout ratio but then again we're talking about movie theaters here not electric cars. As far as I'm concerned they should be paying out all their profits in the form of dividends. I say outperform.-Alpha

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