Player Avatar creek138 (30.01) Submitted: 10/7/2010 12:14:39 PM : Outperform Start Price: $7.73 COG Score: +240.80

Alright, couple of reasons I'm marking this as outperform, none of them related to the specific company at hand. Typically, about twice a year, I'll go to the finviz heatmap:

From there I'll check the trending 6 months, 1 year, and YTD to find lagging sectors.

Once I find the lagging sectors, I'll do a quick analysis of the macro variables at hand and determine whether the secto is warranted to be under performing the market or whether I think the market has undervalued these sectors. In this case, I think O&G exploration and development as well as utilities are undervalued.

If you notice, pharmas are also undervalued, but I think the new healthcare law makes their underperformance relevant at this time - if they continue to be undervalued at the time of my next review, I may pick up some in the sector.

I digress, the reason I think O&G and utilities are a good buy at this time:

1. Winter is fast approaching
2. Energy prices are still comparatively low and will go up
3. The economy is rebounding
4. The oil spill worries are becoming something of the past for the majority of Americans (Personally, I hate that recency plays a factor in this at all)
5. Likely republican majority in one chamber will make it difficult to pass major energy reform, thus old energy wins and new energy loses. (Much to our malevolence)

After I determine which sectors to buy, I'll review each individual stock in CAPS. Anything less than 3 stars gets filtered out. 4 and 5 star picks are most preferable, as these quintiles usually gains points in a year's time.

I expect to remove 90% of these stocks by March/April. Typically, this nets me a few hundred caps points (read: profit), and roughly 75% accuracy. Some will be bombs or laggards. Those that barely lag will be kept on my portfolio in hopes that I may eke out a slight gain at a later date. The bombs will be dropped.

I want to emphasize, this is not a judgment call on this specific stock. I didn't even check the financials. Do your DD if you buy in RL. In fact if you like the sector and want to buy in RL, I recommend you buy a sector ETF - one of my personal faves is FCG.

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