Comverge, Inc. (NASDAQ:COMV)

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The Company is a provider of clean energy solutions that improve grid reliability and enable utilities to increase available electric capacity through reduced energy consumption.


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On September 15, 2009 at 11:00 PM, ipfmanager (99.37) wrote:

COMV- Comverge. Ever wanted to sell energy back to your electric company? Stick with COMV! This the only consumer based smart grid idea that I could see working since no matter what type of alt energy becomes popular- you will need COMV. Better yet, they even have a technology that actually works at this moment in time unlike most smart grid companies. Although COMV needs to become profitable for you to have equity in 5 years, it is a new company with ridiculous potential. And they are coming closer to profit....I could see their products becoming a standard in many hippe (CA) areas

Comverge, Inc. is a clean energy company providing demand management solutions in the form of peaking and base load capacity to electric utilities, grid operators and associated electricity markets. The Company operates in three segments: the Utility Products & Services segment, the Residential Business segment and the Commercial & Industrial Business segment. The Utility Products & Services segment sells hardware, software and installation services to utilities that elect to own and operate demand management networks for their own benefit. The Residential Business segment sells electric capacity to utilities under long-term contracts, either through demand response or energy efficiency. The Residential Business segment also provides marketing services on an outsourced basis. The Commercial & Industrial Business segment provides demand response and energy management services to commercial and industrial customers.

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Member Avatar ipfmanager (97.21) Submitted: 9/23/2009 12:22:15 AM
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Sorry to leave you hanging Solaris. I know you wanted a little bit more info on this. I meant to actually reply and give you a limit order on this one too. Anyway... Here ya go;

First off COMV has insane revenue growth:

They have 40% growth last year and a projected 70% next year. Meanwhile their balance sheet actually has tangible assets and equity AND pretty low debt ratios (roughly 2:1!). You'd figure that's at least enough to float some red ink for a while, but their stock price is 40%ish below their IPO in '07 when the balance sheet wasn't too dissimilar.

And about their products. Go to and take a look at what you can do. If a few municipalities or even the Feds get on board with them, this stock is gonna get crazy. I like smart grid companies (like BCON too) however from a municipal point of view, this tech is infinitely easier and profitable for the consumer and energy company-more so than other Smart Grid solutions.

Hope that's what you're looking for ;)

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ipfmanager (99.16) ;You can still set a limit on WSS. Get with me. Your balance there is $2,150 on your RFMD, so we will have to sell some to use your COMV pick. Let me know when you decide what to do.

We could sell 1k of RFMD when your ready, and start the COMV with it?

Member Avatar ipfmanager (97.21) Submitted: 9/25/2009 5:42:37 PM
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It's really tough to do a limit order especially on two stocks through a comments section. When I do my own, depending on the market, I may change them several times a day...or hour) I'd say with this weeks moves you could make the switch on Monday at market. Sell 1k RFMD, buy 1k COMV. If you want to set some small limits on the market side just to make sure nothing nutty happens on Monday, maybe you could do a GTC limit sell @ 5.15 on RFMD and a limit buy on the wrong side of COMV, maybe @ 12.25....or whatever you want.

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