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I was always rumored that there was oxygen pumped into the casinos in Las Vegas. While that may not be true there has to be something pumped into a Costco Store. The moment I enter the door my carefully scripted shopping list is immediately chucked and I am pushing that cart down the aisles filling it with whatever I come to first. It’s only after leaving the store and realizing I just dropped a couple hundred dollars again that I start trying to recall if I actually picked up anything on my list. And I am not the only one who does that, the same spell seems to be cast on everyone who finally found a place to park and entered the store.
Costco has 5 dollars of cash for every dollar of debit, the last quarter sales show a 9 percent increase over the previous quarter, they are expanding both in the United States an into the international markets, people love to work there and they sell those amazing muffins. I will be buying more Costco stock but I will have to save up as they only sell it in packs of 24 bundled together in plastic.

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lol, great pick

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