Chiquita Brands International, Inc. (NYSE:CQB)

CAPS Rating: 3 out of 5

The Company and its subsidiaries operates as an international marketer and distributor of bananas and other fresh produce.


Player Avatar sl7vk (< 20) Submitted: 2/18/2008 11:18:26 PM : Underperform Start Price: $19.17 CQB Score: +81.97

This company has such bad Karma surrounding it..... You can only rape the earth and indiginous people's for so long before it bites you in the ass, and it has and did for United Fruit/Chiquita. Treating people like crap is not a sustainable business model in the 21st Century, and this is definately a 19th Century company.

Banana's are in trouble as well. The Cavendish Banana is being eaten by a fungus all over the world. The only place that hasn't been afflicted is Latin and South America. Anaylists feel that it is only a matter of time before a clump of soil transported from Australia or Africa sets this process forward. I've heard the number is 20 years or so for the Cavendish Banana. This is the only Banana that Chiquita sells. Big trouble.

Furthermore, a replacement Banana has not been identified. Quite frankly this entire sector is in deep dog.....

I would stay far far away from this company. And if you really need a snack.... Grab an apple.

Member Avatar oreo2007 (< 20) Submitted: 2/20/2008 10:54:05 AM
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Yes my sisters works for them and says looks bad all around and the vibe there keeps getting worse.Bad Bad Karma

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