Cardica, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRDC)

CAPS Rating: 3 out of 5

The Company designs, manufactures and markets proprietary automated anastomotic systems used by surgeons to perform coronary artery bypass surgery.


Player Avatar TMFBreakerJava (99.49) Submitted: 5/10/2008 6:22:27 AM : Outperform Start Price: $7.09 CRDC Score: -118.36

This company has a device that facilitates minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery in conjunction with the Da Vinci robotic surgical system from ISRG. Coronary bypass surgery is a large market in need of a less traumatic solution than the prevailing standard of care, which involves splitting the chest, stopping the heart and weeks of painful recovery.

This company's product facilitates the minimally invasive solution provided by the da Vinci robot which allows closed chest, beating heart bypass surgery with far faster recovery and much less post surgical pain.

Perhaps ISRG will acquire them, but this is a promising investment with or without the acquisition

Member Avatar TMFBreakerJava (99.49) Submitted: 5/3/2013 11:06:30 AM
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This pick, like many surgical robotics companies which we hoped might be "the next ISRG" has performed badly for the past 5 years in spite of their agreement with ISRG on surgical stapling. Robotic heart surgery has not grown as we hoped five years ago. ISRG has done well, but CRDC shareholders haven't shared the gains. While this pick may never be a winner, I expect CRDC will do well from here, as there is still lots of growth ahead for surgical stapling.

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