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CareView Communications has a very lopsided revenue and balance on it's statements compared to it's market cap. While CareView might be selling more of their combination software packages that use the existing cable in a nursing home or rehab facility to provide monitoring, internet access, and entertainment, their overall revenues was slightly below $90,000 (yes thousand) on thier quarter ending 30 Sept, their last report. Their loss was a nickel a share ($1.4 Million) on thier 122 MILLION shares outstanding. They can book more "rooms", but break even is still rather far away. In July 2010, they sold 8 MIllion shares of stock at $1.25 each, which seems excessive.

Market cap on a company bleeding a million per quarter is $239 Million with a P/B of 34 and a P/S of 1000. Despite financing last July, the cash burn indicates trouble on the horizon.

Speculation seems to be on growth potential, but the speculation is forward pricing this by at least 10 years if not through infinity.

SEPT 30 10Q.
Liquidity and Capital Resources

We began the operation of our current business plan in 2003 and have not yet attained a level of revenue to allow us to meet our current overhead. We do not contemplate attaining profitable operations until approximately the second quarter of 2011 nor is there any assurance that such an operating level can ever be achieved. We will be dependent upon obtaining additional financing in order to adequately fund working capital, infrastructure, manufacturing expenses and significant marketing/investor related expenditures to gain market recognition, so that we can achieve a level of revenue adequate to support our cost structure, none of which can be assured. Management believes that the Company will need approximately $10 million over the next twelve months. While we have funded our initial operations with private placements of equity and bridge loans, there can be no assurance that adequate financing will continue to be available to us and, if available, on terms that are favorable to us.

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