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Caremark acqiaition still struggles against EXRS and Medco. Initally I thought Rx growth would come from the Caremark tie in, but that is looking suspect. CVS front store business is focused to much on non Core items that compete with Walmart and Target. Things such as General Merchandise Items like radios, snuggies etc. Secondarily they are creating a buisness model that relies heavily on Vendor funding to drive various front store segment profit numbers. This is a horse you can ride only so long. It is especially true if you are not showing National Brand product growth. with the focus on their own name brand products they will stifle national brand growth and start losing vendor funding. This country is still a national brand consumer. Lose that support and the business will suffer.

Member Avatar jtstarke (40.41) Submitted: 3/28/2014 4:07:44 PM
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I don't live anywhere near a Walmart or a Target, but there is a CVS right on my way home and I buy a lot of staple items there.

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