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I'm a long time customer. When they opened a store in my state, I quit buying from the catalog (have to pay shipping, and now, tax too). When I get to the store, they don't have what I came to try. Frustrating! Also, I think their relative pricing has increased a lot. I buy much less than previously mainly because of the store in my state. Just my 2 cents for those of you considering this stock--I'm the poster child for the demographic this biz is aiming at.

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At my Coldwater Creek store, if you want something from the catalog that they don't have, if you order it at the store, you will be charged no shipping. (It will be delivered to your home.) If you don't like it and want to return it, if you return it to the store, they will not charge you for shipping either. If you buy enough to become a One Creek member, they will alert you in advance to sales. And the sales have been numerous this spring. I agree their relative pricing has increased somewhat. I am also a member of their target demographic. Jane Knight, Fresno, CA

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