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A food company, which produces fresh dairy products, biscuits, cereal products and packaged water.


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Danone, one of the leading global food companies, is primarily involved in production of fresh dairy products, bottled water and cookies, consisting of popular brands like Volvic and Evian. The company divides its operations into three specific segments: Fresh Dairy Products; Beverages; and Biscuits and Cereal Products. Fresh dairy products that accounts for production of yogurts and similar products, generates about 55% of the over all revenues, with beverages segment, involved in packaged drinking water, holding about 12% percent of the world market, contributes 26% to the tally.

The food processing industry is highly dependent on weather conditions due to its major reliance on agriculture for raw materials. The volatile prices of agriculture products can affect the industry players, however in the long run the increased prices are passed on to the consumers. Looking ahead organic foods and beverages segments are estimated to reach $32 billion by 2009. As Danone is one of the leading players in the beverages segment through packaged drinking water, it will surely benefit from the likely positive turn of events.

The French major has been registering steady results, with rising revenues lead by potent performance of its core segments, and strong hold in Asian markets of China and Indonesia. Looking ahead, company’s acquisitions of China Huiyuan Juice Group will be an important driver for Danone to achieve inorganic growth and get a stronger hold in key growing markets. Further, the new product development, which has always been an important stimulus for company’s revenue, can continue its spree with launch of Essensis, the yogurt clinically proven to improve skin quality. Adding to it, considering Danone’s growing performance in rapid growing market of Latin America and launch of the hugely popular DanActive, the health drink in U.S market, can help company to continue its growth story in 2007.

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