Player Avatar Schmacko (65.51) Submitted: 4/6/2010 5:22:09 PM : Outperform Start Price: $3.94 DENN Score: +13.76

I've decided to add 3, high beta, sub $4 stocks to my CAPs portfolio today. I wish I could say I did tons of due diligence and thorough research on each of these companies, but that would be a dirty lie. The truth is closer to chasing momentum and a gamble that the market will continue to rise for the short term future.

I chose Denny's as one of my 3 stocks because of the fond memories I have of eating grand slams for $1.99 in high school.... mmmmm Grand Slams.....

Member Avatar TMFEldrehad (99.99) Submitted: 2/16/2011 11:47:12 AM
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Don't forget Moons Over My Hammy!

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