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This is an excerpt from an article I found on ING Direct done by MarketWatch.

Ken Shreve, markets desk anchor for Investor's Business Daily, went looking among new names to find stocks that might be market leaders going forward.

To that end, based on IBD studies which show that stocks tend to make their biggest gains in their early stages as a public company, Shreve screened the universe of stocks for companies that went through initial public offerings in the last eight years, that have a price above $10 per share, that are within 30% of their 52-week high and that score high on IBD's "composite rating" system.

Shreve came up with 45 stocks, and whittled them down to three names that he believes have exceptional potential to perform during any market rally that might occur in the near future: China solar-wafer maker ReneSola (SOL), Hornbeck Offshore Services (HOS) and Homex Development (HXM) all have the kind of "explosive growth potential" to be leaders during the next rally, Shreve said.

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