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Tough times are going to hit the pocketbooks of people who would normally venture to the parks and shell out for Disney DVDs. They've got more to shed before they bounce back off of the baby boom that seems to be hitting us.

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Member Avatar TheFewTheProud (< 20) Submitted: 10/6/2008 11:35:40 AM
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I think this summer proved your theory wrong. Disney's Florida parks had good attendance in spite of record gas prices.The stock is strong and will get stronger.

Member Avatar LiquidJin (< 20) Submitted: 10/6/2008 4:40:17 PM
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The summer was prior to what has been happening for the last couple of months. Saving for a Disney Vacation is definitely on a lot of parents agendas but a lot more families will need to delay this because continued job cuts and unrealized bonuses have become a reality that aren't going away.

Member Avatar pasteeater (97.30) Submitted: 1/8/2009 11:58:44 AM
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I agree that it looks like tough times for the next year. I look to see it between 17 and 18 this summer (at which time I asume I will buy). Thou I havent been to the park this year I was at Universal and the way it has been is not much of a wait in lines. Even thou Disney is an Icon It still is only worth what it is worth.

Member Avatar mitochondria09 (< 20) Submitted: 5/9/2009 2:02:57 PM
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I'm bearish on DIS. Can't be bullish when the Chief Financial Officer just sold $1.9M worth of shares at $25.38 after Earnings and a rally. That can't be positive...DIS is also overbought on the 1week and 1month chart and a correction is very likely to happen, down to around $21.50 if not lower.

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