Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc. (NYSE:DKS)

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An authentic full-line sporting goods retailer offering a assortment of brand name sporting goods equipment, apparel, and footwear in a specialty store environment.


Player Avatar Lodgeguy (62.38) Submitted: 6/29/2008 12:22:08 PM : Underperform Start Price: $16.94 DKS Score: -129.09

I work at a local store and have seen a change, after I started in their stock program, and the expantion has been to much to fast. This has effected inventory and a turn over in the store with alot of management changes. This has caused confusion in the store and a lot of "way of doing business" changes. Look for it to continue to go down for next 3-6 months.

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Member Avatar triptic44 (< 20) Submitted: 9/10/2008 4:00:58 PM
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Things are tough at the store level with a 15% wage cut back for hourly employees .Remember the corprate office is doing ok. The sacrifices that are being made now will help. The bigger problem is keeping those shelves filled for shoppers. There was a town meeting that dealt with the expansion and how the corprate office is giving back to the community, and the corprate trainees have all stayed with the company. There will be a need to fast track managers to fill these new store openings. Sure there is pain with growth, the needs of the business dictate how those resources are allocated. I have seen things that make no sense to me at all, but somebody has a justification to do it. Remember one expansion 15 started yrs ago with just a few stores, and a few million dollars. Now it's 300 and billions

Member Avatar triptic44 (< 20) Submitted: 7/12/2009 12:34:42 PM
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things have changed a bit. the new worry is going union... I don't care how great a company is , the people you hire are the ones that will make the enviroment pleasant or unpleasant to do the job

Member Avatar triptic44 (< 20) Submitted: 9/11/2010 9:43:00 AM
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Things are tough all over

Member Avatar triptic44 (< 20) Submitted: 9/11/2010 10:19:38 AM
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There is a new idea going around called "Take the Field"; The corprate people are working at the store level and seeing the day to day operations for a week.
This has had mixed results according to an old timer that I talked to. There are people from the corprate office that take the program seriously and others that see it as a vacation from the office for a week. " The more seinor the management from the corprate office, the better the worker" , the old timer told me.
The "Take the Field" program could also be used a a free labor source by some managers to balance the payroll budgets, I talked to another employee at another store who told me that they bring up payroll and hours to these corprate people every chance they get, because the corprate people are amazed how understaffed the stores are for the jobs to be done. There is one abuse some of these store managers do as an act of self(promotion)preservation, that is to pad the workforce the week the corprate people are at the store, then slash people the week they are not. This lowering of morale is oppisite of what the program is to do.

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