Player Avatar chadf926 (74.13) Submitted: 12/17/2012 10:19:03 AM : Outperform Start Price: $24.13 EBIX Score: -38.76

Ebix is a company with a rulebreaking business model. The insurance industry is difficult to understand but Ebix is set up in a way that removes many of the complicated barriars such as the broker system. Being in the health insurance industry it is nice to see how Ebix is maneuvering around some of these barriers and gaining ground in an ever increasing competitive landscape. With the acquisition of TriSystems giving them access to Europe, they now have access to an area of the world most U.S. based health insurance companies have been struggling to figure out a way to navigate. I'm excited about their potential as this is an industry that will never go away and is getting more complicated by the day. Ebix is poised to move fast and be flexible which will give them a first mover advantage!


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