Player Avatar crazykling (73.88) Submitted: 3/21/2007 12:47:09 AM : Outperform Start Price: $14.83 ESIO Score: -108.90

The Company and its subsidiaries provide high-technology manufacturing systems to the global electronics market, including advanced laser-based systems that are used to microengineer electronic device features in high-volume production environments

PD Pick with what seems to me lots of potential. P/B 1.35, P/E 20, F P/E 17. 52 week high was around 25, it's now trading at 19, has not traded lower than 18 last 52 weeks.

This one guy, Niernberg, bought into it to the tune of 11%. I'm reading up on him and he sounds like a strong value small cap fund manager. It's a 5 Star stock pick on CAPS too, always very nice. So to recap, relatively low P/B, not terribly low P/E (But low if you back out cash), much closer to 52 week low than high, major officer purchase buy Niernberg (and one other guy from PD article - can't give it all away), so... we are meeting all 5 major aspects of "What has worked in Inesting"

As for the business, I don't know a whole lot about this industry, but it seems like it's a pretty considerable player with room to grow, maybe room to shrink too, but more upside than downside.

Maybe not a stock to own forever, but seems like a good one for the next 6MO-2yrs.

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