Environmental Control Corp. (NASDAQOTCBB:EVCC)

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An exploration stage company. They were incorporated on February 17, 2004, under the laws of the state of Nevada.


Player Avatar TMFCHarris (99.62) Submitted: 3/30/2007 9:36:15 AM : Underperform Start Price: $2.07 EVCC Score: +84.11

The current two stroke engine vibrates too much, so they decided to test it in a looser mount so it won't shake itself to death. If it does pass the tests now, who needs an unmountable two stroke engine?

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Member Avatar TMFFoolEd (96.55) Submitted: 8/20/2008 3:44:44 PM
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bird says to get my headers to seal I should cut my flanges.if it works, it works and no problem. if it doesnt, ill be parked til I can afford new headers. then I need to figure out what headers these are and how to make the new ones fit. ill need new headers eventually anyway so what do you think? take them out and grab the sawzall?

Member Avatar TMFER (< 20) Submitted: 8/20/2008 3:44:57 PM
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If you don't mount the engine, where does it go?

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