Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

From its assembly lines in the early 1900s to the Mustang and the F-Series trucks, Ford is an American car-making icon.


Player Avatar PeteGall (72.35) Submitted: 12/11/2013 2:01:04 AM : Outperform Start Price: $11.02 F Score: -43.12

Ford has a great line of cars worldwide -styling has improved and management has improved. Also Alan Mulally is staying on. This stock now pays a nice dividend. I'm using options to increase profits on this stock - synthetic long when it fell from near 19 down to 12 which will play out in Jan 2014 and a covered call for March 2014 - which I will keep repeating if it continues to be range bound at 16 to 17. More of a solid performer than a growth stock now.

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