FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:FCEL)

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Develops and manufactures fuel cell power plants for clean, efficient and reliable electric power generation. Currently commercializing its core carbonate fuel cell products, offering stationary applications for commercial and industrial customers.


Player Avatar TMFEldrehad (99.99) Submitted: 2/11/2013 11:55:40 AM : Underperform Start Price: $1.09 FCEL Score: -23.01

I've been bearish on fuel cells in general and this company in particular for almost as long as I've been a member of the CAPS community. The infrastructure challenges are simply too steep to make this technology economically viable anytime soon, and companies in this space will never provide much in the way of meaningful returns to their shareholders so long as this fact remains true.

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Member Avatar MNDLBRT (24.64) Submitted: 6/3/2014 4:07:16 PM
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I would point out that in some areas the electric grid cannot be expanded. In this case, the FCEL plant, (Quiet & Clean) can fit in well. Seoul Korea is one place, but pretty much all major cities face this issue. Note also that the electric grid is inefficient, sometime losing 30% or 50% of the power put in. FCEL can put the plant close to a big user, like POSCO, and this efficiency adds more benefit. I am looking for earnings visibility in 9 months to a year. I am concerned about FCEL's management, but who knows, maybe there will be a buyout. The market size is enormous. They are putting a in plant in Korea that will bring them from 100 mW to 300 mW manufacturing capacity over a year or two.

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